How To Make Money On Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet-clicks is one of the tops and most trusted PTC websites. Launched in 2009 and has been paying members without any problem. Scarlet-Clicks was created by Dimitris Kornelatos which also has a sister site called Gptplanet with the same design and features. Therefore, knowing how to make money on scarlet clicks won’t be a bad idea.

Another interesting thing about this PTC site is that, it accommodates members from everywhere in the world, is not limited to any country or region without any difficulty in receiving payments. This article will guild on how to make money on scarlet clicks.

Just as for every PTC sites out there, the best strategy to make money is by having and managing referrals. This can be through Direct or Rented referrals.

Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are those members that registered through the referral link generated for you after your registration. There is no limitation to the number of people you can refer on scarlet clicks. As soon as your direct referrals are active, your earning potential is unlimited. As a standard member, you get 40% from each of your referrals clicks, but it will be 100% as soon as you upgrade your membership.

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Rented Referrals

Members that registered on scarlet clicks directly without an affiliate link are being rented out to members for a fixed monthly fee for their services. Hence, they are called rented referrals. Among other PTC sites, scarlet clicks have the best referrals activities and the cheapest RRs prices. You don’t need to be worried about your RRs, because they are always active.

This article only based on how to manage RRs to boost earnings potentials on scarlet clicks, because direct referrals may be hard to accumulate.

The fact!

An important clue I want to give in this article is that do not purchase RRs as a standard member because of the low commission and you may run into a loss at the end, and that may show you the door out of scarlet clicks. Therefore, I advise you to upgrade your membership to at least monthly silver upgrade before start purchasing RRs.

Now The Strategy

Step 1. Of course, the first thing you need to do is sign up to become a scarlet clicks member. Click the banner below to do that;

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I believe you have done that! Great!

Step 2. In case you don’t have any, register for any of scarlet clicks payments processors, which are Skrill, Neteller, Perfect money, Payer, AirTM, Cryptocurrencies and Solidtrustpay. You can register a Skrill account through the link below;

Sep 3. Load your account with $20 through your registered payment processor. Buy monthly silver upgrade for $5, and purchase 100 RRs for $15.

Step 4. Start clicking and viewing all your daily ads. As an upgraded member, you get more ads to click, compare to a standard member. Morealso, you get 100% of your RRs clicks.

Step 5. Turn autopay on for RRs that are to expire in 4 days time. Recycles RRs with under 4 clicks average.

Step 6. Extend your active RRs for a longer period.

Step 7. Continue accumulating your earnings to have enough funds for further upgrades.

Important notice!

Make sure to click at least 4 ads daily in order to receive from your RRs the next day


As I have said earlier in this article, scarlet clicks offer various payment platforms to withdraw your earnings conveniently with a minimum of $2 in your credit balance. They are;



Perfect money





Why you must join scarlet clicks

-The site is stable and has been paying members regularly since 2009

-Anyone around the whole world can join and earn on scarlet clicks

-You can refer as much as possible direct referrals

-Scarlet-clicks rented RRs are easy to manage, active and profitable compares to other PTC sites

-They have the cheapest RRs prices and upgrades

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Trusted PTC sites are one of the best ways to generate passive income online, and scarlet clicks is one of them. With the right strategy, you can turn your few months hard work to a source of income for life. Now that you have been guided on how to make money on scarlet clicks, take a step now, register for free and continue earning.

click the banner to register

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