How To Earn N30,000 Monthly As an NNU Affiliate

NNU is the abbreviation for Nigeria News Update. NNU is a legit and registered company and also one of the largest platforms where you read current news in Nigeria presently, owned by Paul Samson. I know you have been browsing and reading news online wasting your time and data without getting anything in return. But is totally different in the case of NNU because you get paid for all your activities on the website. In this article, am going to guide on how to make money on NNU.

AS an initiative program with a mission of dealing with financial problems among our youths, students,  unemployed, sit at home moms and whoever that is interested in making money online legitimately, you get paid for reading news, daily login, sharing of sponsored posts, referrals directly from you as an affiliate member and posting of forum topics.

How can I become an affiliate member

Step 1: First click the banner below to sign up.

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Step 2: Upon registration, you are to make a one time registration payment of N1,600 which you can pay directly with your ATM card immediately through paystack or send the money to bank account of one of the coupon code sellers on the website which will send you the coupon code to complete your registration immediately after your payment have been  confirmed. If you are paying with your card, make sure you select paystack as your payment option during registration.

Step 3. After your payment has been confirmed, your account will be activated immediately. That’s all.

Now that your account has been activated, you are welcome to a money-making machine program!

How do I earn as an affiliate member?

You will continue to earn passive income on NNU in the following ways;

1.Active daily login: You get credited with N50 as your daily login

2. Reading and commenting on the news: When you log in to the websites and read the latest news, you get N2 for each news you read. NNU posts over 500 news on their website daily. But know that you don’t need to comment on any news before you earn.

3. Posting of forum topics: You get credited with N50 for each relevant topics you posted in the forum after it has been approved.

4. Sharing of sponsored posts: NNU assigns sponsored posts for their members daily. You get N100 after you have shared the post on your facebook timeline. Make sure you post it as a public post.

5.NAP earnings: As an affiliate member, you get a 60% commission on every member registered through your affiliate link. That is N1000 for each of the members that join NNU through the affiliate link assigned to you.

Now the calculation!

News: 500X2 = N1000 daily

Login bonus: N50 daily

Forum topics: 2×50 = N100 daily

Sponsored post: N100 daily

Referral: 1×1000 = N1000 daily

TOTAL: 1000+50+100+100+1000 = N2,250 daily

= N31,250 monthly

The above calculation is to assume you don’t have the chance of doing much on the website due to any reason is best known to you. But you can actually make a lot more than that if you are more active.

Now the strategy!

1.Login early in the morning as soon as possible before you go to work or whatever.

2. Go to the front page, click and view all the latest news from the time you log in to 12 am news (the news usually comes with the time it was posted so it can guide you on which news you have already clicked). You don’t necessarily need to read the news, just click and let it load, then close. I recommend the use of opera mini in this case.

3. At intervals of 2 or 3 hours in the day, try to log in and refresh the latest news so you can click and read from where you stopped.

4. Try and post at least 1 or 2 forum topics daily

5. Make sure you share the assigned sponsored posts on Facebook every day. Sponsored posts usually published late in the evening.

6. Promote the program so you can get people registered as your referral through your affiliate link.

1532112192 - How To Earn N30,000 Monthly As an NNU Affiliate

How do I promote my affiliate link?

To complement how to make money on NNU, I will give various ways you can easily promote your affiliate link and get referrals.

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1. Social media

Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your affiliate link. You can easily get referrals through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. Create convincing reviews about the program and post it on your walls or groups. You can even create a separate group for the purpose on Facebook and WhatsApp. If you do it perfectly enough, there is no day you won’t see at least 2 referrals through this. Don’t forget to include your affiliate link below your posts.


Create a channel on YouTube. Make a video review about the program and place your affiliate link in the description. Remember telling your viewers in the video to click the link to register.


The most populous online forum in Nigeria now is and is a good source for you to get a lot of referrals. Join nairaland and create quality content about NNU as a forum topic or in comment sections, include your referral link below your content. Before you know it, many people are registering through your link.

4. Advertisement

To promote your affiliate link through advertisement, you have to make a deal with an owner of a blog or website in order to help you write about the program and include your affiliate link. They will only charge you some penny which you should not hesitate to pay. The visitors to the website will see the content, read and click on your link to register, if interested. Through this, you can get a lot of referrals.

5. Family and friends

Talk about NNU to your family and friends with convincing words. Tell them why they should join and the benefits in it. You will surely get a lot of them to join.

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 How do I get paid?

Now that you have known how to make money on NNU, NNU pays all their affiliates earners and part of Nars earnings starting from the 27th of every month into the account number you will submit in the cause of filling the withdrawal form. You can actually fill the withdrawal form anytime in the month, but immediately they start paying on the 27th, you won’t be able to fill the form again until the next month payout form is opened.

What if I don’t have referrals, will I get paid?

Yes! NNU pays all their members starting from the affiliate earners to the top nars earners and the rest. But I believe with the various strategies shared in this article, am very sure you will be getting referrals.


NNU program is legit and paying all their members with over 6million payout revenue monthly since the inception of the program. The above has really shown to you how to make money on NNU.

Your turn!

Take a step now and forget about your financial troubles. N1,600 is just an amount you can spend on any other things that have no value and is the same amount that can be earning you a permanent salary every month for a long time if you use it to register for the program.


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    1. Temitope Michael Akintayo

      Yes sir. The 1600 you are paying is for your affiliate activation and is just one time payment. After that you are free to continue with your activities on the website.
      As for the payment, for the 3rd month running that I have joined the program, they have been paying me. They pays all their eligible earners every month.

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