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How To Create A Money Making Blog

Knowing how to create a money making blog is not a big deal provided you know what it takes to start it up and successfully build it to make money and generate passive income online.

Many people create blogs for different reasons, but there is no doubt that to make money or generate passive income online is one of them. Many failed in blogging because they were not done the right way. To start a blog, you must be passionate about writing because good contents are the key to a successful blog. Therefore if you can’t write, better don’t waste your time on it.

More also, patience, persistence, focus and perseverance is needed to drive traffic to your blog. So don’t think you can start making money from your blog in a short time. In this article, am going to guide on how to create a money making blog with the necessary plugins and ideas.

1. Decide on a topic or niche

To know what you will actually write about, you have to pick a topic that will attract people interest and create your contents around it. Among the best niches and topics you can make money from most especially as a Nigerian are;

-How to make money online


-Weight loss

-Healthy eating

-Entertainment etc

2.Domain name

Domain names are the URLs that will be typed in the address bar of browsers whenever they want to visit your site. Just as this blog, the domain name is, whenever people type this address on their browser, it will automatically take them to the website contents, simple!

Therefore, customizing your domain name in relation to your niche or topic can go a long way in helping your blog progress. Among the trusted domain host are HostGator, BlueHost, Namecheap and DomainKing(recommended).

In this article, I recommend Namecheap and DomainKing because they have cheap plans, good customer services and also reliable. Try to pick a shot domain name as much as possible and avoid using hyphens (hyphens are often associated with spammers). This is crucial to search engine optimization (SEO).

3.Register a good Web Hosting

A web hosting is an internet hosting service which allows individuals or organizations to make their websites or blogs accessible through the World Wide Web. Therefore, if you are hosting your blog on WordPress self-hosted, try to pick a suitable web hosting company to host your blog.

For step-by-step guild on how to create a WordPress website or blog, watch the video below;


How to create a website step-by-step

Just as choosing a domain name, I also recommend Namecheap and domainking as your WordPress hosting company. This is because they offer very cheap hosting packages. You can get as low as $9.88/yr web host on Namecheap and N3,600/yr on domainking.

dkng web hosting offer wide - How To Create A Money Making Blog

4.Improve Your Web Pages Delivery

In order to improve the delivery of web pages to your readers, install Wp Super  Cache plugin and turn in your browser cache. This is very crucial in the beginning as your website receives more visitors per day. It is called Caching and Content Delivery Networking (CDN). CDNs allow the content of your blog to load faster anywhere in the world.

5.Install Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This is to speed up the mobile accessibility of your blog to a large degree of each content.

6.Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics keeps track of your efforts while blogging. It is very crucial when dropping links on social media and other places. It allows you to know the particular place your traffics are coming from.


You should enable permalinks in your WordPress which will give a nice and friendly URLs that are SEO friendly. Go to settings on your WordPress dashboard and click on permalinks, then make a check on post name option. In this way, only the name of your post will be included with your URL when browsing any content.

8.Google webmaster tools

If you are really serious about making money with your blog, you have to set up Google master tools to know the several keywords your contents are ranking for.

9.SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In order to drive traffic to your blog and receive many visitors on daily bases, you have to optimize your site for search engines. Learn how to optimize your blog with different strategies of both off-site and 0n-site SEO. Install and activate Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress for search engine optimization.

10. Content is the key

If you really want to make money while blogging, possess the habit of creating good, well written, and valuable contents. Focus on your readers and needs and also for search engines. Also try as much as possible to publish contents weekly.

11.Email marketing

One of the best ways of making money from blogging is through email marketing. Sign up on platforms like mailerLite, Aweber, MailChimp etc

12.Social media

Social media is a proven way to get links back to your blog. You share your contents with a link back to your site on platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram and any other social media platforms. You can also link up with other bloggers in your niche on social media

13.Content marketing

There is no doubt that you can generate traffic by marketing your contents by building valuable off-site contents that link back to your primary content. With this method, you can get higher ranking for keywords on Google if it’s done perfectly. You can sign up on sites like or to market your contents. You can also be answering questions related to your niche on Quora or Reddit. Make your contents as useful as possible.

14.Monetize Your Blog

Knowing how to create a money making blog will be useless if you don’t really know how to monetize it. Definitely, you can turn your blog into a money making machine and even sack your boss by becoming your own boss working from the comfort of your home. This can be achieved in the following ways;

-Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves recommending products or services to your readers through the tracking list generated from the advertisers which you embedded on your blog. If any of your visitors make a purchase of any product or services through your links, you get a referral commission on each sale. Click here to know the 8 best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

-Google Adsense

Among the easiest ways to make money with your blog is through google adsense. Google displays ads on your site and pays you whenever anyone clicks on the ads.

-Selling banner ads

You can be selling banner ads space on your blog by the use of WordPress advertising plugin. With this, you negotiate the price and terms with the advertisers on your own rather than depending on an intermediary.

 -Sponsored posts

You can also be making money by writing sponsored posts on your blog. Companies pay you to represent their products or services, talk about it and promote it for the readers of your blog posts.

-Reviews writing

This is also similar to the selling of sponsored post. In this case, you make reviews on products and services. Then you get paid for it.


Starting a blog can only be easy for individuals that is focused and ready to sacrifice a lot of time before they can start making money from it. Make getting rich overnight your least expect when starting your blog. Now that you have known how to create a money making blog, a reminder to make sure you create quality contents as frequently as you can. Then apply various ways of traffic generation without looking for any shortcuts. Take action to become a successful blogger.

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